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Pet Care/Tips

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Helping **YOU** keep your pet safe and healthy.

Keeping your pet Healthy is not hard or complicated but you do have to care and pay attention enough to act.

  • Feed the best food you can afford. Lookup the brands you see where you shop, buy the best you can afford. For dogs here or for cats here.
  • ALWAYS keep a plentiful supply of fresh, clean water available to your pet.
    • Having fresh water and the ability to potty when needed is VERY important. When your dog HOLDS-IT they are concentrating their urine which can lead to issues later on. Do not leave your pet without potty breaks for more than 8 hours on a regular basis.

  • Take your pet for an annual veterinarian appointment, keep vaccines up to date (Brevard County Law), spay or neuter.
    • Many medical issues can be caught and treated BEFORE they become expensive for you or serious and painful for your pet. The stories that can be told from those is rescue are endless about the needless suffering animals have endured because the owner was not educated about good animal care.
    • Heartworms - this is a preventable disease, Florida is a breeding ground for this issue. It takes just ONE bite by ONE mosquito to infect your dog. Just because your pet is an inside pet does not mean your pet is safe. The treatment for heartworms is expensive and dangerous for your pet, it is best to avoid Heartworms. There are effective, low-cost solutions available, look here.
    • Flea/Tick - Fleas and Ticks cause many other issues besides the obvious scratching and irritable attitude in your pet. Many skin issues are related to the lack of control of fleas where the pet lives. Using preventions year round is necessary in most of the mild Florida winters. There are effective, low-cost options available, look here.

  • Pick-up after your pet (poop patrol). Leaving feces laying around is a breeding ground for issues and not just for your dog; Zoonotic diseases can be transferred to you this way. In Brevard County it is also the law, look here.

Keeping your pet Litter-free is not hard or complicated but you do have to act. Spay or Neuter ***NOW*** do not wait.

  • There are many low-cost solutions in Brevard County (INCLUDING US!) click here for a list.

Keeping your pet Safe is your responsibility.

  • Keep your pet in a collar with tags. Your Brevard County tag law is here; this will help get your pet back to you in the case they are lost and prevent high cost fines.
  • You should always have a tag with your phone number(s) on it besides the county tag, this will allow your pet to be returned to you -avoiding the shelter-. Think about putting an out of the area relative or friend's number also in case of emergencies like hurricanes or tornados when your phone may not be working.
  • Microchip your pet. Be sure to register the chip with the appropriate tracking company, many have a lifetime fee which covers you. Then keep the information up to date! Your lost pet will not be lost forever.

  • Socialize your pet so they are comfortable with other animals, children and people in general. This allows them to better handle many of life's situations.

  • If your pet must be an outside pet, consider the following to make their life safe and as comfortable as possible in the Florida weather:
    • Provide shelter: a porch or dog house or other SOLID structure to protect the pet from the weather (heat, rain, sun)check the area at various times of the day in the summer to find the best spot that avoids direct sunlight in summer and gets maximum sunlight in winter
    • Consider the sun/shade, look at your backyard in the morning, afternoon and evening. Make sure your pet has somewhere to hide to get away from the harsh Florida sun. Wonder why your dog digs holes on the side of the house? Maybe it is the only place they can get away from the sun.
    • Provide a water source which will remain clean and easy for you to keep fresh. DOgs need fresh water AT ALL TIMES. Maybe 2 or 3 bowls put in different areas are what is needed when you are gone all day.

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