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View the Cleo video. She was a wreck but the video turned out ok, she did not like being in that strange place and was stuck to her foster mom like glue.
jellybean Jellybean came in at 4 weeks of age with a broken leg. She was brought to the local shelter, who had no options for her, so HOPE pulled her from the shelter to save her life and hopefully her leg. Jellybean is a Russian blue mix who is on complete cage rest for 4-8 weeks to see how her leg heals and if she will need surgery to repair it. The outcomes for her leg could be
  • it heals without needing surgery,
  • or the worst outcome could be she needs her leg amputated.
We will give Jellybean the chance to rest, and hopefully allow her leg to heal on its own. Jellybean will require several more x-rays and possibly surgery. Donations and PAL members help us raise funds to cover the costs of care during little Jellybean's recovery. There is no reason she cannot be adopted once her leg situation is resolved. In the meantime, our wonderful foster network has a place for her.
sprite Sprite (at the time of this writing is 11 months) has been in rescue in a foster home for almost 7 months. She has a grade 5/6 heart murmur. She had an FHO (femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery to correct her broken femur upon arrival. Sprite takes 2 different daily medications to help her heart function. Three months into her foster experience Sprite needed to spend 2 days in an oxygen cage, when her oxygen levels dropped. Sprite is a Forever Foster, who has already outlived vet predictions for her life span. Sprite will be on medications for the rest of her life and may require a third medication in the future. She takes her meds in pill pockets with no problems at all. Donations to HOPE allow to care for little Sprite.
mrtaffy Oh, can you say SWEEEEEEET ... that is how you describe Mister. He is a 14 yr old poodle. His owner went to a nursing home, the family could not care for him so they called rescue. Once we took care of his medical needs (he was loved but not properly cared for), he seems so much happier. He can eat well now and he has adjusted to his new home. Mister will most likely be a Forever Foster since he is 14 yrs old and not many people want to adopt older dogs. There was no reason this animal should be euthanized in the local shelter just because he has outlived his owner. HOPE has stepped in and taken care of his medical issues and will provide him with a loving foster home until it is his time. He was not too thrilled at first and for two days the foster had to sleep with the lights on as he adjusted to his new home, he only has limited vision, but now, he finds his way around just fine!

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