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Some of the work we've done in the first half of 2015.

June 23 - Spartacus is a determined kitten who refuses to give up. HOPE received a call from the local shelter to pull this kitten or they would otherwise euthanize him. This poor kitten was lethargic and unable to walk when picked up. After some emergency supportive care he was no longer lethargic. He is a fighter and is determined to walk again. He goes in today for x rays to hopefully learn more about what's going on. Please consider donating to help us with Spartacus medical expenses. Together we will get this kitten healthy and give him the love he deserves!

Spartacus update: He is trying to walk on his own! He still walks with neurologic impairment (walks on the tops of his feet), but he is making improvements daily! X rays revealed a broken tail in 2 places near the base of tail, which is the reason for his neurological issues. He still needs to gain a lot of weight, and kick his kitty cold, but he's a fighter! Please consider donating towards Spartacus' medical costs, and towards the many other sick and injured animals we help. Without donations we can't help animals like Spartacus.

July 2:Spartacus Update: Last night the decision was made to let Spartacus go to kitty heaven. Where he could be pain free, run around like a normal kitten and get all the love he ever desired. This was a true fighter of a kitten. He improved initially and appeared to be walking normal. Then after 3 days of walking normal, he began to walk on the tops of his front feet, and would only walk in circles. The next day he struggled to get up and appeared frustrated his body wouldn't cooperate. He continued to decline on the third day until he became incontinent, couldn't get up at all, and stopped taking food. Throughout the short time that he was fostered he made a huge impact on our hearts. Throughout his struggles, he would look at you with his eyes, and talk to you with his little meows. He loved to be held and purred as loud as could be. It is with tears that I let you all know this special little kitty is in a better place now. The short time I had with him, I will ever forget what a fighter he was, what a huge heart this kitten had, and how special he was. R.I.P. Sparticus.


May 23 - Here are some of the cats HOPE has saved in the past week... Vivian came in with large wounds needing treatment. Blue is an middle aged boy who came in with a cloudy eye. Pinball came in with a head tilt - it is from a neurological condition. Russia is a declawed older girl who came in emaciated and flea infested. Baby Boy came in with his sibling (Smudge) who is still in critical condition after being found comatose and hypothermic at the shelter. We saved both so they could have each other's company (more to come later on Smudge's story). Curtis has large wounds behind his ears that are finally healing. ALL of these cats have a second chance because HOPE rescued them. All of these cats are available for adoption and need another human to love them. If you like our work and how many animals we save please consider making a donation today.

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May 18 - We don't and cant' do this on our own. I am Winston. I have lost my buddy and my home. I am a handsome Russian Blue. I have a lot to say so I need someone who can hold up their end of the conversation. No need to worry about your furniture as I was declawed. I like people. I am currently in the cage at the Melbourne Pet Supermarket on Post Rd. I am pretty unhappy about this so I am reaching out to you so you can come rescue me. I like to cuddle and am very affectionate when I am not in a cage. Please get me out of here!!

Sometimes there is a happy ending! Winston has a new home!!! Thank you to Karen and Lucy for opening their hearts and home to Winston! Thank you to Melissa K, one of our awesome adopters, for telling them about Winston. Thank you to Karin who contacted us about his plight. And a very big thank you to the employees of Melbourne Pet Supermarket for helping Winston adjust to the store. We love happy endings!

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