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Some of the work we've done in the first half of 2015.

May 12 - Flynn was rescued from a local high kill shelter where he came in injured, but it was apparent his health was declining and he needed to be rescued. When we got Flynn he wouldn't move and could not stand up. We quickly discovered at the vet, that his pelvis was fractured and his right front leg was fractured. With cage rest and supportive medical care he has been able to regain some use of his legs. Flynn will always have a limp, but that won't stop him. He's so loving, affectionate, and grateful just to be given a second chance. We want to help all the cats that end up like Flynn, alone and injured in a cage. We have pulled 116 animals from the shelter since January 1st. We need monetary donations to keep helping. Please consider signing up for a monthly donation.


March 19 - Here are just a few of the cats we pulled out of the shelter last week. We pulled many more and every week, we continue to save more lives! Did you know if 25% of our Facebook followers donated just $5 a month, we would have the medical bills for these cats covered and be able to double our numbers of animals we could save? Did you know, if just 10%-15% of our Facebook followers could foster an animal we could probably pull out every cat sitting in the shelter? It's amazing what we can do do with a little help from a lot of people. The animals will always show you just how grateful they are!

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May 3 - HOPE took in a very sick cat in February. The owner was told there were no options except to euthanize her beloved pet for hepatic lipidosis, so she called HOPE to see if we could help her.A HOPE member force fed him multiple times a day and gave fluids daily along with daily medications. It took a while but Gatsby turned the corner for the better just a couple weeks ago. After 10 weeks we were able to reunite Gatsby with his owner!! Yesterday Gatsby was able to go home where he is loved! He was so happy to be back in his owners arms! Because of the donations we receive we are able to continue to help cats like Gatsby! Please consider donating today!

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