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Some of the work from our past.

Oct 2014 - arrival to rescue. 12 yrs old, very poorly cared for mini-pooodle. Meet BUDDY , is he the most adorable little guy? He has pretty bad arthritis but he gets around just fine, he lost all but 5 teeth, he had to eat liquified food for a week. Thanks to antibiotics dogs and cats that are in such bad shape, overcome their situations.

HOPE gets a call, answers the need, again - a senior pet who outlived their owner. In this case, it was for the best, he can live a good life in foster care until it is his time. He is on heart medication (heart damage from bad teeth is so common in older dogs that are not cared for), monthly preventives for heartworms and fleas - all these cost money - can you donate to HOPE to help us cover these costs? Thanks from Buddy to those who can help. UPDATE: Buddy lived in Foster Care for 18 months - he had a great run and we are so pleased to have been able to give him a great life after the hard times he had before.


Meet Peaches - what a cutie huh? She and her two poodle sisters outlived their owner. The family could not take the animals and they were surrendered to rescue. HOPE took in Peaches. Miss Peaches was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the months of abandonment while her owner was in the hospital, only to never come home. The situation was not neglectful but certainly was not what the dogs were use to - little Peaches walked in circles for a few weeks as she un-wound her mental stress. She is not quite 'right' but give her some room and let her be herself and she will reward you with kisses and loving hugs. She was spayed, had her medical issues dealt with and then adopted. SUCCESS! Love the happy ending.


CHICA - the Chihuahua - she likes to be called that, a title. She is a princess and thinks she runs the show (well she sort of does). She was a typical scared Chi when she arrived, she was snappy and had fearful barking and growls going on. She took 5 days to calm down, she was given her space and allowed to adapt to her new life in foster care. On day 6 she decided all was well and became a great little dog, licking the hand that fed her. She is about 5 yrs old. Owners could no longer care for her - she came into rescue and was adopted to a great couple with another Chi looking for a buddy. Nice to see how a dog can turn around given the right environment and training and handling. Your donations allow HOPE to help dogs and cats find themselves and a new home.

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