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Some of the work from 2015.

Between January 1st 2015 and Aug 28 2015 HOPE has pulled 267 animals out of the shelter. That's 267 lives that were in danger. ALL the animals we have pulled from the shelter were evaluated to be unadoptable (too shy, wild, too sick, too old, at shelter too long etc..). Without community support, fosters, adopters, and donators we could not continue doing what we do.

Vivian is one of those cats... She was surrendered to the county shelter with a large wound on her neck, due to her medical issues she wasn't a candidate for adoption, and she sat in the feral room for 2 months.. Her wound has healed, and she's even more beautiful than pictures could show. Vivian also has a back leg that has a nerve injury so she drags it off and on. Nothing stops this sweet girl from playing and getting love from whoever will give it to her! Is Vivian the cat for you?

Texas is another.... He was put into Isolation because he had an eye that was missing and became sick. He was also considered "too shy" Once pulled and treated this boy has bloomed into a greeter. He loves attention and loves to spend his days lounging on a windowsill. Is Texas the cat for you?

Anna was surrendered to the shelter, adopted and then quickly returned. She was pulled when a member fell in love with her and decided she needed to get out of her kennel at the shelter. She is a little chunky, but with exercise, will slim down! Is Anna the big, goofy girl you have been waiting for?

Want to help us help more animals? Consider fostering, adopting, volunteering, or donating today. The animals in Brevard county need you!


Meet Flynn - he was rescued from a local high kill shelter where he came in injured, but it was apparent his health was declining and he needed to be rescued. When we got Flynn he wouldn't move and could not stand up. We quickly discovered at the vet, that his pelvis was fractured and his right front leg was fractured. With cage rest and supportive medical care he has been able to regain some use of his legs. Flynn will always have a limp, but that won't stop him. He's so loving, affectionate, and grateful just to be given a second chance. We want to help all the cats that end up like Flynn, alone and injured in a cage.

Multi-Cat Situations are Costly

HOPE works multiple cat issue cases. That means HOPE can show up and find 25, 60 or 100 cats in a situation. What does that mean? Well, first evaluation, second make a plan based on the situation, third start pulling animals and spaying/neutering, doing medical care/treatment as necessary for each one.

Sometimes it can take months to work through all the animals. It takes, $$$ MONEY, TIME, TRANSPORT, FOLLOW-UP, COMMUNICATING w/ all those invovled (Animal Services, Neighbors, Owners, Family, Fosters, Clinics etc). This is no small process and HOPE does this over and over and over. Unfortunately, the cases keep coming.

HOPE does great work and has wonderful volunteers who work these situations. But it does require money to be able to get the work done. Donations of any size are important $5, $10, $1000 - it all goes towards the work. Also donations to our Pawsitive Hope Thrift Store - allow us to generate income through the store which goes to the mission - Spay/Neuter, TNR, Help the animals of Brevard County.

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