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Some of the work of H.O.P.E., each animal has a story; here are a few.

Pretty Girls - Teeny and Inney ... Teeny and Inney came into rescue from a neglect situation. They needed 4 months of medical care and treatment before even being able to be put up for adoption. They have really come into their own, it took 6 months for them to try to get onto the furniture like the other dogs. Having been in rescue for almost 2 years, they are happy and healthy but as older dogs and a bonded pair - it is hard to find a home for them. They are mother and daughter and have always been together, they cannot be separated. Other than a special diet for allergies they are both healthy and living in foster care - they would love to have a home all their own.


Meet Charlie - he was dropped at a car dealership right in front of the employees in the repair center. They called rescue and Charlie was saved from being a stray. He never spent a night on the streets - a miracle some would say. He was adopted by a great family who give him lots of love and attention. He does not really even know he was dropped off to survive on his own but he is loving his new life anyway.


Here is a special needs girl - she is named Schotzie. This girl was loved but her owners were older and unable to keep up with her special needs. She had typical Cocker Spaniel tummy colitis and ear issues. The owners took her to the vet to be put to sleep as they were moving to a nursing home. With all the stress her colitis was flairing up something fearce. The vet convinced them to surrender Schotzie to rescue.

HOPE stepped up to help Schotzie and found due to the over medication for her thyroid condition (due to her owner's dimentia) she developed a heart condition. It was a rough couple of months as she struggled to settled into her new home - her colitis was a problem off/on and she had to get use to exercising again and living with other dogs. Now she is happy and loving life, walking daily and stable with her thyroid, heart condition, ears and colitis. She is 11 yrs old and would love a home to live in forever where she is getting all the attention.


Meet Oakie - She did not come from a great home but she was adopted into a perfect home for her. She is a rambuncious 1 yr old who loves to run and play and run and run. Her new family will not tie her to a tree where she cannot run, they have a huge fenced yard to run and explore. She is a very happy girl now and even just sits still sometimes because she knows she can run when she wants to.


Poppy was a stray at the local shelter with several medical issues. She was exhausted, traumatized and in a mess. She had a mammory tumor removed, her teeth cleaned and was shaved down. She is blind and mostly deaf - she slept for 3 days literally, only waking to drink or eat a little. She spent 6 weeks recovering from whatever she went through as a stray - then she started acting like a spunky 9 to 12 yr old. She was adopted to a great family who let her be herself - they take her to beach where she loves to play in the surf. What a lucky girl! And a big THANK YOU to the family who gave this special needs girl a chance at a happy life.


Bella is a cute long-haired Chihuahua, 12 yrs old. She was surrendered with 2 other pets. She was adopted to a nice family that wanted to give an older dog a new home. This was a great match and both the humans and dog are happy now.

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