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Some of the work of H.O.P.E., each animal has a story; here are a few.

Kittens w/ special needs ... Zsa Zsa and Ella are both extraordinary kittens. They look like twins. Both kittens have a radial nerve injury causing paralysis of their front limbs. HOPE pulled them from the county shelter knowing this, and were hoping it would be an injury that could be fixed. It took HOPE just over a month to get them healthy enough for surgery (when pulled they had URI, wound infections, and were barely big enough for surgery).

With each kitten growing they were having difficulty getting around, and have complications from dragging their limbs. They are scheduled for amputations this coming week (Dec 2016), and we know this will enable them to live long healthy lives. Because they love each other so much we are hoping to find a home that will want two fun loving kittens who don't realize anything is wrong. These kittens will be available in about 2-3 weeks. Donations will help offset the surgery costs and foster care costs as with all the animals HOPE rescues.


Meet Devon and Delphine - These kittens found each other and it was true love. Devon and Delphine are 2 kittens that had a rough start in life, but are ready to change that.
Devon came into our rescue after being attacked by a dog. Delphine came into our rescue after she ended up at the county shelter, and they realized she was completely blind. In the same foster situations, they found each other and bonded. We are looking for a home that can give both of these sweet, cuddly, affectionate kittens a home. We will keep them in foster care until a home is found that can take both together. Your donations allow us to cover the costs while in foster care.

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